Beat The MOT Rush

Can you believe it’s been over 4 months since the announcement of the MOT extension back in March, due to Covid-19? Neither can we! But here we are, with only a short time left to go until the first vehicles’ given the 6-month extension will fall due for an MOT.

From October, we will see a spike in the number of MOT’s due – those that received the extension in April, along with those that actually fall due in October – so 2 months’ worth. This will be the same for November and December, so a remarkably busy period for garages across the UK.

As we are now fully open, with a complete workforce, we are recommending that if your vehicle MOT has fallen due between April and today, and you haven’t booked it in yet, then please do so now. You can have your vehicle MOT’d up to 30 days before it officially falls due.

The Government have advised there will be no further grace periods allowed, your MOT must be in place. To avoid penalties and/or disappointment, give us a call today: 01273 731385 or email:

We look forward to hearing from you!